The Breast Center of Cyprus – Nicosia, December 2017

-Selenia Dimensions System & biopsy system-

The center is now equipped with the new pioneer digital mammography, which is the most innovative way of detecting breast cancer in recent years with 3D Tomosythesis.

The mammography Selenia Dimensions System of the American company Hologic, which is the international pioneer company in the development of diagnostic methods, is revolutionizing the detection of breast cancer and in woman’s health!

The Mammography Selenia Dimensions System® , is an innovative machine on the tomosynthesis breast and has the following advantages:

-Excellent sharpness with minimal radiation dose

-With the same pressure in the breast simultaneously perform mammography and tomosynthesis

-Flexible for any type of breast

-Improved workflow

-Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use

-The breast screening with three-dimensional (3D) tomosynthesis, more accurately detects breast cancer in contrast to prior art mammography (detects up to 30% more aggressive tumors).

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