Public Access Defibrillator

Public access Defibrillator


Product Description


Operating Mode: Semi-automated

Waveform: e-cube biphasic (Truncated exponential type)

Output Energy 200 J at 50 A

Self-Diagnostic Test

Protocol: Voice prompts and indicators guide the user throughout a rescue operation

Controls: Power On/Off Button, i-Button, Shock Button

Indicators:  7 color State LED, Graphical Rescue Guide LED


  • Self-Diagnostic Test


  • Power On Self-Test, Run-time Self-Test
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Self-Test


  • ECG Analysis System

Function: Determines the impedance of the patient and evaluates the ECG

of the patient to determine whether it is shockable or non shockable

Impedance Range: 50Ω to 175Ω


  • Defibrillator Pads 

self-adhesive, disposable, non-polarized defibrillation pads


  • Disposable Battery Pack  

Battery Type: 12V DC, 4.2Ah LiMnO2, Disposable


  • Data Storage and Transfer