23 Oct

Baby Scales


With or without height rod

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  • Electronic professional newborn baby “MILK-WEIGH” column scales, certified for medical and hospital use according to the European directives. Structure: Base and display in ABS with multifunction display with mechanical button keypad; plate in latex-free ABS.
  • Wunder through the “Milk-Weigh” function allows for the visualisation of the weight of the newborn and at the same time shows how much milk the newborn has consumed during the feed, ideal for following the step by step growth of the newborn.
  • Weight, Tare, Milk-Weigh function, Hold function, Reset, programmable Auto-off. Possibility of print-out



  • Electronic professional new-born baby scales with low display certified for medical and hospital according to the European directives. Display: Large 25mm LCD weight display with 5 easily readable digits. Power: Rechargeable battery (40-hour life) with external charger
  • When weighing new born babies, who are often restless, Wunder through the special Hold function guarantees a weighing filter that enables weighing new born babies guaranteeing a fast and precise job on the ward. BabyOne is light and portable, thanks to the display that is positioned at the front of the weighing plate, the occupied space is minimal, and BabyOne can also be placed on a trolley
  • Weight, Tare, Hold function, reset, programmable auto-off. Possibility of print-out

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