STL 285 – the Patient Stretcher

Patient stretcher

Product Description

STL 285 – the Patient Stretcher for use inside hospitals

  • Infusion pole: wide adjustment range, easy locking. Insertion at all 4 corners. Max. telescopic height: approx. 1,050 mm above the top.
  • Side guards: Foldable side guards, easy and safe handling, solid and hygienic construction, no danger of accidental crushing.
  • Low basic height of 550 mm: More comfort for the patient and hospital staff.
  • Upholsteries: With Velcro fastening at the underside.
  • Design: To guarantee optimal hygiene, great emphasis was placed on the design lines of the STL frame and mouldings.
  • Operation: High/ low and Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg adjustments may be operated either from left or right side of trolley. Central and directional locking of castors by foot pedals from all four sides.
  • Mobility: Light weight, with four large castors for easy steering, one with directional locking. Optional 5th castor.
  • Hygiene: Chassis and upper part features – smooth and sealed coated plastic sheets for optimal hygienic cleaning and disinfection. Side rail system with smooth edges.
  • Push bar: One-piece, one-hand action/ moving of the transporter.
  • NEW: Transfer mattress for patient stretcher STL 285.1000.0
    (also available for STS 282.1010.0)