Alova Dual Membrane Mattress

Product Description

Complete protection over the polyurethane foam, the surface layer
acts as a second skin
• Easy to clean and disinfect due to the smooth seamless surface
• A barrier against fluid ingress and potential contamination
• Significant reduction in the shearing effect upon the patient’s skin

For patients of pressure ulcers from Medium to high risk

DUAL MEMBRANE is a support surface providing complete protection,
integrated into a highly resilience viscoelastic material, this forms a second skin.
The product’s unique characteristics adapt perfectly to the patient’s body,
thus optimising the redistribution of pressure, as well as minimising friction and shear.
The polyurethane waterproof layer featuring 600 micron thickness and 540g/m² weight
ensures longevity. It is advisable to use a loosely fitted sheet, for protection only.