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Electric Bed, 4 Section

Electric Bed, 4 section

Product Description

Code: 346760H

Bed electric, 4 sections, abs mattress platform, translating backrest, electrically operated trend/reverse trend, battery included.

Electric bed, 4-section, 3 of which jointed and 1 fixed centrally.
Mattress platform made of ABS, easy to be removed and cleaned, with round edges and integrated mattress stoppers.
Base frame of welded and epoxy-coated steel pipes, with wheels provided with thermoformed ABS covers.
The bed intermediate frame supporting the mattress platform can host either 4 section, swing-down or sliding-rail safety sides; on both sides of the intermediate frame there is an accessory-holder metal bar with two mobile sliding plastic hooks, each with a 3 kg capacity. Frame provided with proper housings for patient lifting pole and I.V. poles at the 4 corners.
Height adjustment performed by 2 low-voltage electric actuators (24 V) for a maximum safe lifting load of 260 kg.
As a standard, the bed is equipped with a push-button handset for the patient and with an operator control handest “SUPERVISOR” for the exclusive use of specialized personnel.
The patient push-button handset can be hooked to safety sides and features the following functions:

  • safety switch ON and OFF button, with led indicated ON mode;
  • backrest adjustment, with function inhibited led indication;
  • knee break adjustment, with function inhibited led indication;
  • simultaneous ad adjustment of backrest and knee break;
  • height adjustment, with function inhibited led indication;

All electric controls on the patient control handset can be inhibited by the specialized personnel directly from the ”SUPERVISOR” operator control panel; a sound warning signals inhibited functions.
The ”SUPERVISOR” operator control panel, can be hooked to safety sides or located in the corresponding case at the foot-end of the bed (accessory art. 346156) and features the following functions:

  • safety switch ON and OFF button, 2 leds indicating the type of electricity supply, either power net or battery, once the handset is ON. Equipped with battery led constantly indicating the charge status, both when connected to power net and when on battery.
  • high-low height adjustment with led indication of function inhibited on patient controls;
  • backrest adjustment with led indication of function inhibited on patient controls;
  • knee break adjustment with led indication of function inhibited on patient controls;
  • simultaneous ad adjustment of backrest and knee break (auto contour);
  • patient handset functions inhibition;
  • cardiac chair position by one unique progressive control push-button;
  • Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg push-buttons;
  • examination position by push-button with simultaneous zeroing of mattress sections and height adjustment to a comfortable examination height;
  • cardiac massage position and safe exit position by push-button zeroing all mattress sections with simultaneous lowering to minimum height;
  • anti-shock position by push-button zeroing quickly all mattress sections with simultaneous emergency Trendelenburg.

When the push-button handsets remain unused for a few minutes the control box goes automatically into auto switch-off mode to cut down power consumption.
The system is activated again by pressing the switch-ON push-button on the handset.
The bed is equipped with an auxiliary rechargeable battery, allowing adjustments to be performed also while moving the bed or when the power connection is not available.
During adjustment, the roto-translating backrest automatically shifts backwards to compensate patient pressure on the mattress: this allows to avoid continuous repositioning of the patient on the bed, to reduce the pressure on the plexus/pelvis areas to enhance breathing and to make the patient posture significantly more comfortable.
By roto-translation the backrest shifts 11 cm backwards.
In case of emergency, the backrest can be brought down manually through a (CPR) quick release lever available on both sides of the bed; the lever can be easily located irrespective of the position of the bed, even at lowest height and both with safety sides on or off.
The footrest area is manually adjustable through teeth racks and features a mechanical safety control to avoid incorrect angles/counter rotations of the knee.
As an accessory (code 346256) at the foot end, a bed stripper is available with an integrated roll-away control-handset holder case.
The bed ends are made of plastic material with stainless steel supporting inserts designed to allow the supervisor handset to be hooked on it and – if needed – to simultaneously locate the air-mattress compressor and the tip-over monitor flap.
The bed ends are embedded in dedicated receptacles with a safety lock preventing pulling-away, that can be unlocked by small levers integrated in the structure.
Sound alarm system for warning in case of connection to the power net and wheels not blocked.
Epoxy powders coating finish, with antibacterial additive.

Technical data:

  • Mattress platform dimensions: cm 200×84
  • Mattress platform height: min. cm 40 max cm 80
  • Overall dimensions without side rails: cm 218×93
  • Overall dimensions with side rails on: cm 218×99 (max)
  • Backrest section: 0°- 70°
  • Knee-break section: 0°- 35°
  • Leg section: from – 16° to + 11°
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse-trend: +17°/- 17°
  • Weight of the bed (without accessories): 100 kg.
  • Safe working load: 260 kg.
  • Protection: IPX4.

Electrical characteristics:

  • Line voltage: 230 V
  • Acceptable line fluctuation: 50/60 Hz
  • Line frequency: 50 HZ transformed into 24 V;
  • SCHÜKO plug
  • Maximum absorbed power: 370 VA
  • Isolation class: II – TYPE: B

The bed is equipped with equipotential connector.

Different voltages and plugs are available according to the standards of the country of destination.

Product certified by IMQ, Italian Institute for the Quality Mark, a guaranteeof safety and reliability

The bed is realized according to the production process in compliance with ISO certification 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485:2012. CND CODE V0801.

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