19 Oct

Full HD Video Colposcope vidan

Full HD Video Colposcope vidan

Product Description

Full HD Video Colposcope vidan®
Precise, bright, easy to handle: The world‘s first
integrated video colposcope with Full HD and 21,5“ monitor


The innovative high-tech addition for
gynaecological examination chairs

  • vidan® can be used in an optimally ergonomic, fatigue-free sitting position, thus facilitating the physician‘s work
  • High resolution images and videos in full HD quality
  • Swivelling 21.5“ monitor for a large-scale image display and an exact rendering of the examination field
  • Integrated powerful examination light with connectible red light for external examination
  • Green light plus an additional electronic green colour filter for a better visualization of tissues in Pap smears
  • Automatic focus and 6 to 15fold zoom at the touch of a button
  • Quick and easy documentation of the examination findings by the Image/Video Save Button
  • Clearly arranged control elements
  • Free swivelling allowing to store the colposcope in a space-saving parking position


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