I.C.U Bed – Omega Range

I.C.U Beds – Omega Range

Product Description

Code: 378000 – Intensive Care Bed

Mattress platform made of compact laminate, 3 articulations 4 sections, with a widespanning, radiotranslucent surface, covering both chest and abdomen, supported by two electrically operated variable-height columns, with maximum lifting load of 250 kg. Compatible with any type of mattresses (pressure relieving, foam, air, turning, etc.). Backrest electrically adjustable, angle range 0°-70°. Backrest with automatic 12 cm translation when raised, to prevent compression of patient abdomen – or of any related draining devices – and respiratory complications due to diaphragm lifting. Kneebreak electrically adjustable, angle range 0°-35°. Kneebreak with automatic 4,5 cm translation when raised, relieving pressure in the sacral region. Backrest and kneebreak with one-button auto-contour feature, helping keep the patient from sliding to the foot end of the bed and assure proper circulation. Leg rest electrically adjustable, angle range 0°-55°. Legrest with automatic positioning control to prevent an unnatural articulation of the patient’s knee. Mattress platform with auto-contour feature, controlled by specific software, to assure patient comfort and prevent the risk of injury. Bed lengthener, length: 18 cm. Max. platform height of 88 cm (min. height: 48 cm) to facilitate medical treatment and examination, and the introduction of a luminance amplifier. (Records without lateral Tilt). Base with 4 antistatic, 150 mm twin-wheel casters with central locking, one of which directional; optimized wheelbase and track for enhanced manoeuvrability; wheel control located at the 4 corners of the bed frame, complete with audible brake-off alarm. Clearance under lower frame allows the introduction of a patient lifting device. Head end with comfortable gripping handles for ease of manoeuvrability. Head end, easily turnable or removable. Removable foot end with a safety system inhibiting reverse Trendelenburg. 4 sockets for lifting and/or IV poles located at the 4 corners of the bed. 4 corner bumpers for safer transport and damage prevention. Pair of sack and/or accessory holders, integrated to the bed frame. 4-sections side rails that can be pulled down with a dampened descent, complete with synchro-traslating system. Angle indicators for backrest elevation and mattress platform inclination, embedded in the side rails. Electric controls available with limited functions on the patient handset and with full functions on the operator handset. Patient handset that can be placed on the head end or side rails, and locked out completely. Operator handset (supervisor) that can be placed on the foot end or side rails, and includes a timed lock-out of its own controls as well as the patient handset lock-out controls. Emergency CPR release activated by pressing either the relevant button on the operator handset or the emergency pedal (hands free for a CPR procedure) resulting in the mattress platform being flattened and lowered to the appropriate height for a CPR procedure (48 cm from the floor). Emergency Trendelenburg release activated by pressing either the relevant button on the operator handset or by lifting the emergency pedal (hands free for a CPR procedure) resulting in the mattress platform being flattened and tilted head down. Electric Trendelenburg (0° to -18°) and reverse Trendelenburg (0° to +14°) positioning. Cardiac Chair positioning control (backrest at 75°, backrest/kneebreak angle: 92°, kneebreak/legrest angle: 55°) located on the operator handset. Therapy Chair positioning control (backrest at 84°, backrest/kneebreak angle: 90°, kneebreak/legrest angle: 38°) located on the operator handset. Led indicating mattress platform at minimum height. Nightlight with ON/OFF button. (Missing with lateral Tilt). Battery pack with charge indicator and audible “battery-low” alarm. Epoxy-powder coated parts with BioCote® AntiBacterial treatment. Plastic parts with BioCote® AntiBacterial treatment received in the manufacturing process. Special model (378500) complete with built-in weighing system with an accuracy of 50 g.