IDEA 4 Treatment Chair

Product Description

Multifunctional chair height-adjustable by means of an electric 3-stage heavy-duty telescopic column of 4000N (408Kg) capacity providing stability and a high level of safety in every condition of use.

Three independently adjustable sections operated by 4 low tension electric actuators. Variable density paddings for optimal comfort, upholstered with resilient waterproof imitation leather, easy to sanitise and resistant to disinfectants, with antimicrobial treatment based on silver ions. The upholstery covers all the lying surface, hiding all the structure joints, making the surface easy to clean and preventing the patient from coming into contact with mechanical parts. The backrest is equipped with an easy to remove adjustable headrest. Blu Elettrico 5946 is the standard colour upholstery, mor e colours are available as per colour chart. The footrest, which is slightly sloping to enhance its anti-cramp function, is in plastic material and has a padded resting surface upholstered in imitation leather. The armrests feature an integrated pushbutton handset holder and have synchronised ergonomic adjustments granting the correct position of the elbow according to the different angles of the backrest. The ang les of the armrests can be adjusted vertically, by means of a gas-pump operated by a lever located under the armrest, and horizontally to ease the lateral ingress and egress of the patient. The base frame and the bearing structure of the l ying surface are made of painted steel pipes with thermoformed ABS covers. At the sides, the seat is provided with two 25x10mm normalized bars to host accessories and/or drainage bags, while the base frame features the IV pole receptacle. A case is available at the rear side of the base frame to secure the power cable while moving the chair. As a standard, the chair is equipped with anti-thread, non-marking diam. 100mm swivelling wheels with simultaneous lock/unlock braki ng system of the 4 wheels and pedal-activated directional mode. A comfortable push-handle is located at the back of the backrest together with an integrated paper roll holder. Upon request, a courtesy led light for reading (optional accessory art. 311100) can be assembled to the push-handle at manufacturing. The push-button handset can be hooked to the armrests and features the following functions:

– safety switch ON and OFF button, 2 leds indicating the type of electricity supply, either power net or battery, once the handset is ON;

– backrest adjustment with led-light signal for activated function;

– seat section adjustment with led-light signal for activated function;

– legrest adjustment with led-light signal for activated function;

– footrest adjustment with led-light signal for activated function;

– height-adjustment with led-light signal for activated function;

– pre-set push-button Chair position for a quick adjustment back to the original position, in order to ease the egress of the patient;

– pre-set push-button Examination position, si multaneously aligning all the sections to the horizontal and extending the footrest; – pre-set push-button Trendelenburg, with a two-sequence adjustment: the first (comfort Trendelenburg) adjusts seat and legrest at 25° as against the floor and brings the backrest to the horizontal; the second (standard Trendelenburg) aligns all the sections at 12° as against the floor.

When the push-button handset remains unused for a few minutes the control box goes automatically into a uto switch-off mode to cut down power consumption. The system is activated again by pressing the switch-ON push-button on the handset. Upon request, the chair can be supplied with a rechargeable back-up battery (optional accessory art. 311 150), allowing adjustments to be performed also when the power connection is not available. The electric weighing system with electronic display is fully integrated into the structure of the chair and is composed of 2 steel sensors, class III, each with a nominal capacity of 200 kg, so as to ensure the exact weight in any position. The load cells have an IP 67 degree of protection. The sensors are interchangeable. The safe static load of each sensor is 50% of the rated capacity. Functions available on the electronic display: – LCD single-screen display, multifunction – Saving of weight v alues – Serial interface for external printer – Selection of different units of weight – Manual and automatic function of cumulative additions – Pre-setting of the tare – Hi-Low alarm: indicating HIGH-OK-LOW status – Automatic st and-by mode and power saving mode – Backlight level adjustment – High-precision automatic zoom function, up to 10x – High- precision analogic to digital conversion, resolution 1/30000 – Possibility of choosing between interface RS232C and RS485, selecting symbol rate – Selection of the display panel interface – Transmission technique: 20 mA current loop The scale is set for a weight of 200 kg (with 50 grams tolerance). Weighing scales OIML R 76 certified with Metric Accuracy Class III. Technical data: Lying surface dimensions: 213×58 cm Dimensions armrests included: cm 213×84 (max) Seat height adjustment range: min. cm 59; max cm 91 Seat angle adjustment range: 5°-25° Backrest adjustment range: 0°- 80° (as against the seat) Legrest adjustment range: 0°- 40° (as against the seat) Trendelenburg: in sequence > 0°/25° > 12° Footrest travel: cm 23 Safe working load: 200 kg Electrical Characteristics: Line voltage: 230 V +/- 10 % 50 HZ transformed into 24 V; SCHÜKO plug Maximum absorbed power: 370 VA Isolation class: I – TYPE: B Degree of protection: IPX4 The chair is equipped with equipotenti al connector. MEDICAL DEVICE, CLASS II, IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE EU DIRECTIVE 93/42/CEE, MODIFIED BY THE DIRECTIVE 2007/47/CE. APPLIED TECHNICAL NORMES: CEI EN 60601-1; CEI EN 60601-1-2; The chair is realized according to the production process in compliance with ISO certification 9001 and ISO 13485