Paediatric Bed, Electric, for Intensive Care

Pediatric bed for intensive care, electric, on 2 columns, 4 sections, HPL mattress platform, 150mm twin wheels, battery, bed ends and side rails in lexan material

Product Description

Pediatric bed for intensive care, electric, on 2 columns, 4 sections, HPL mattress platform, 150mm twin wheels, battery, bed ends and side rails in lexan material

4 sections pediatric bed, 3 of which joined and 1 fixed, variable height by two vertical columns electrically powered, back rest and knee break are operated by secondary electric remote control or  via the “Supervisor” main console.
The base of the bed is in painted tubular steel, free from encumbrances, which is equipped with 4 twin wheels of 150 mm diameter; the frame made of painted tubular steel is provided of a pair of side rails withamortized vertical descent; the mattress platform entirely in plastic laminate (HPL) is equipped of firm mattress stoppers.
The special shape of the support structure of the mattress platform  provides a large area of radiolucency, allowing the use of C-arm diagnostic equipment.As a standard The bed comes with the main  “Supervisor” console  for the exclusive use of specialized personnel and a secondary remote control.
Each function of the secondary remote control can be enabled / disabled via the central console. The enabled functions are displayed by leds. The secondary remote control includes push-buttons for height, back-rest, knee break, adjustments and also it has a button to activate the synchronized contemporary movement of back-rest and pelvis sections (auto-contour), with the rotations defined in accordance with the angles established by EU regulations.
The central console for use by the operator, designed to be fixed to the footboard or to the side rails, provides electric adjustment of the following features:
– adjustable height and back-rest -auto-contour-Trendelenburg – Reverse  trendelenburg by push buttons; LEDs that display the active functions of the secondary-remote controls, management of the push button inhibition of the secondary remote control through lock-out push button, monitoring battery charge power.
There are also dedicated buttons to achieve of the following positions:
– mattress platform zeroing position
– automatic therapeutic cardiac chair with the simultaneous lowering of the mattress surface to the minimum height
– activation of the emergency Trendelenburg with simultaneous automatic reset of the mattress platform (zeroing position)
– maximum height position for examination.

The bed is equipped with four levers located on both sides, for the emergency quick release of the back rest (CPR) and of the knee break.
The movements of Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg are electrically adjustable, by the use of the central console, reserved for trained personnel only. The headboard and the footboard are removable and are made of tubular met al structure and the panels in Lexan material, impact resistant with  thickness of 8 mm.
At the four corners, protected by the 4 bumper wheels, of the bed there are the receptacles  for I.V. and patient lifting poles.
The braking system consist of 2 foot pedals (bilateral), each of which allows the locking and unlocking  the wheels of the bed. In addition there is a sound alarm that beeps when the bed is plugged and the wheels are not braked.
To facilitate the move of the bed for long distances can be inserted the directional lock front wheel.
The central area of the base is totally free to allow the ,insertion of the patient lifter. The innovative tuck away side rails are made of  shockproof, 10 mm thickness Lexan material, with double-arm support and gas shock absorbers for the controlled descent.
Easy to operate, the Lexan side rails provide an optimal containment of the patient in all positions of the bed and they are in compliance with the UNI CEI EN 60601-2-52 and EN 716-2.


The bed feeding s ystem is also composed by backup battery for emergency handling, complete with an audible alarm when the battery is discharged.

The state of charge is visible on the operator panel led.
The special surface finishing of the components is a chieved by sandblasting treatment, degreasing, phosphating and powder coating with polyester thermosetting epoxy-cooked to 180 degrees, about 70 microns thickness, with additive protection BioCote based on antimicrobial silver ions.

– Mattress platform dimensions: 170x75x52/92h cm
– Overall dimensions: 193,5×88 cm
– Trendelenburg inclination: 0° – 15°
– Reverse trendelenburg inclination: 0° – 15°
– Weig ht of the bed: kgs 155
– Safe working load: kgs. 150
– Maximum lifting load: kgs 250