19 Oct



The economy solution – efficiency for your OR.

Product Description

ME MB 3 | The economy solution – efficiency for your OR.

As evidenced by its ergonomic handling, the ME MB 3 utilizes proven technology. Special rotary switches are provided to set the power individually for each operating mode, with the settings indicated on a digital display. The appropriate types of current can be selected easily via dedicated buttons arranged on the membrane keyboard

Special accessories for special applications

Version “i”

The hallmarks of the ME MB 3 do not only include our proven PCS (Patient Control System), but a high standard of patient safety as well. A straightforward design and superior application versatility round off a user-friendly profile.

As a special highlight, the ME MB 3 is available in two different versions: either with classic KLS Martin connectors or with sockets satisfying international standards. This ensures that you can use your existing accessories without any need for adapters.


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