29 Jan

MyoSure System

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Product Description

  • The MyoSure system provides a simple and accurate solution for intrauterine tissue removal, including fibroids and polyps.
  • The full set of MyoSure devices give you a solution for tissue removal in a wide range of sizes and locations.


Why choose the Myosure system?

Clear visualization: The MyoSure system’s high quality optics provide a direct view of the uterine cavity, so you can easily see the anatomy and guide the procedure from start to finish.

Resect uterine tissue: While the stainless steel blade resects the unwanted tissue, the fluid management system simultaneously removes it from the uterine cavity using suction, providing a clear field of view. The device combined with suction continuously aspirates resected tissue through the device.

Side-facing cutting window: The side-facing cutting window is optimized to provide better tissue contact for efficient removal and to minimize the risk of perforation.

Preserves uterine function: Resection is done mechanically. Because no RF energy is used, uterine form and function is preserved and collected specimens remain intact.

One system, many procedures: With one system, you can treat a wide range of intrauterine pathologies.

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