Product Description

marSafe® | The alternative Solution

One brand loaded with unique features

Sterilization Container Systems marSafe® | the alternative Solution

For more than 3 decades the KLS Martin Group sets standards in hospital sterile supply. The own demand has always been to maximize patient safety from the perspective of packaging systems and to optimize the workflow in the daily practice of CSSD. Thus, we have grown to one of the leading manufacturers of sterilization container systems worldwide. Numerous customers trust in our quality and our experience and therefore choose the sterilization container systems made by KLS Martin.

One brand loaded with unique features

The marSafe® sterilization container system was especially developed to customer needs and desires. The characteristics of the container system were developed based on decades of experience in hospital sterile supply.

The new protection cover

Specifically for the marSafe® series a safety cover system was constructed which can be installed or removed at any time. It also protects the sterile barrier from direct exposure. But most important of all: the container can be sterilized with the safety cover. The only permanently flexible protection in the world.

Due to its philosophy “less is more.”
Less packing time, less storing space, less parts to reprocess, more efficiency for your CSSD!

Reliability? 100%!

The new closing mechanism guarantees a 100% safe and secure connection between lid and bottom. Two become one – a reliable union.

Proven standard for long lasting surfaces

Unlike other sterilization container systems, we use a so called CompoundPolid surface for the container bottoms. This premium coating makes the surface more resistant towards chemical attack and usual wear and tear.

As flexible as you are!

The variable sealing system – optional side load or top-load – creates great flexibility. The color coding at the container front allows an easy adaption of colors. Thanks to the new slide’n go system! You can eject and insert the color field easily. There are 6 different colors to choose from.