16 Oct

marLED V10® and marLED® V16

marLED V10® and marLED® V16

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Product Description

This lighting system consists of the main light marLED® V16 and the satellite light marLED® V10. The two are matched in form to make a perfect whole. The VariLUX feature allows still unrivaled adaptation of the light field to the form of the surgical site. In fact, you can select either a circular or oval light field, depending on anatomical conditions or the operating technique used.

marLED® uses second-generation LEDs: smaller, more compact, with greater light efficiency and less power consumption.

marLED® has won several internationally renowned design awards on the merits of its outstanding optical and housing concept.

Easy light positioning via SensoGrip or SensoTouch

marLED® has a significantly lower weight than conventional operating lights. This automatically improves ergonomics as the main light and the satellite light can be easily positioned with the SensoGrip handle or operated directly via the SensoTouch panel.

The intuitive touchscreen panel fitted to the cardan joint of the light suspension gives you easy control of all the functions available.

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