MicroStop® MiniSet

MicroStop® MiniSet

Product Description

MicroStop® MiniSet

The MiniSet containers come with the same sterile barrier as the MicroStop® standard versions. Of course, they offer the same advantages as their larger counterparts. Thanks to their exceptional safety and economy, the MiniSet containers therefore are just another embodiment of the high quality you can expect from KLS Martin products.

Ideal also for private surgeries and practices

Whether you are working with delicate or sturdy surgical instruments: MicroStop® MiniSet sterilization containers are made to meet the requirements of various different medical fields. The system has been specially developed to cover the storage needs of private surgeries and dental practices, enabling them to store all their instruments in small trays in a space-saving way.

Safe and economical

 One glance is enough – safety through visual control 

MicroStop® MiniSet sterilization containers represent the most innovative sterilization container system available on the market – impossible to beat in terms of safety and economy. The MicroStop® microbial barrier involves no follow-up costs at all. Besides, it excels with its exceptionally fast handling supported by a straightforward logistics system. Perfection down to the detail and a comprehensive range of accessories offer you quality at its best.

Injuries prevented

No danger of injury: Unlike soft packages, our non-deformable MiniSet sterilization containers do not pose any risk of perforation by sharp instruments.