with reusable filters

Product Description

MicroStop® | The number one smart instrument storage system

Facilitates the daily routines in your central sterile supply department (CSSD) and in the OR – and provides economic benefits as well.

The KLS Martin MicroStop® sterilization containers can be sterilized as often as you like. And as no consumables are required at all, MicroStop® cuts down on your waste considerably, thus helping preserve the environment too. Therefore, MicroStop® sterilization containers are not only a cost-effective alternative to conventional, filter-based systems, but an environmentally compatible one as well.

The MicroStop® Sterile Barrier | No chance for microbes

The MicroStop® sterile barrier is a flow inhibition system based on a principle discovered by Louis Pasteur. With a separation efficiency of 99.99997%, it offers significantly better protection against microbes and particles than any filter.

Improving on the tried & tested

 Greencheck® pin 
 Greencheck® tamper evident indicator 
 Button opening with seal slot 

Greencheck® | For safe handling

Greencheck® is a safety system that tells you at a glance whether the container has actually been sterilized or not. Thanks to the Greencheck® pin located in the center of the MicroStop® sterile barrier, you can easily verify from outside whether the germ barrier has been installed in the cover or not. As a result of the heat impact, the two-color tamper evident indicator turns from red to green during the sterilization process. Accidental opening of the container is detected at once because the indicator turns back to red as soon as the opening button has been operated. Handling couldn’t be safer and more efficient.

6 Colors for perfect guidance

6 Colors for perfect guidance

All MicroStop® sterilization containers feature ergonomically shaped carrying handles available in 6 different colors. This makes unambiguous allocation to different fields or departments even easier. For optimal orientation – in any medical field.

The MicroStop® container system

is available in three sizes and different heights. The container dimensions are perfectly matched to each other for optimal space utilization both in the sterilizer and during storage. A comprehensive range of accessories (such as trays and logistics components) make our sterilization containers an indispensable part of the equipment you need for your operations.

The choice is yours

Whether plain text, bar codes or data matrix codes – we letter your coding labels according to your needs. Besides, you can choose among 10 different color tabs for clear assignment of your containers.