29 Oct

DermaPlast® Adhesive Plasters

DermaPlast® Adhesive Plasters

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Product Description

DermaPlast® classic

Made of hard-wearing textile fabric; water-repellent impregnation.

DermaPlast® textile elastic

Made of width-ways elastic textile fabric; water-repellent impregnation; snug-fitting; also available as finger plasters in special shapes designed for fingertips and joints.

DermaPlast® sensitive

Made of soft and snug-fitting non-woven fabric; indicated for patients with sensitive skin.

DermaPlast® sensitive injectio

Injection plaster made of a soft, highly elastic non-woven fabric, highly permeable to air and water vapour; for the treatment of the puncture point after injections in patients with very sensitive skin.

DermaPlast® universal

Made of stretch polyethylene foil; waterproof and dirt-repellent.

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