Foliodress® Gown Comfort

Reinforced Surgical Gown

Product Description

The single-use alcohol repellent surgical gowns that provide a high level of wearing comfort.


Single-use surgical gowns according to DIN EN 13795:2011+A1:2003, made of multilayer, fluid repellent non-woven fabric; great resistance against penetration of fluids and bacteria; alcohol repellent; abrasion-resistant and low linting; with ultra-sonic welded seams, heavy duty waist ties and elastic long knit cuffs; raglan sleeve for an increased freedom of movement; available with wrapping and paper towels or as peel & go version without wrapping and paper towels.


For single-use inside the operating theatre.

Foliodress® Gown Comfort Reinforced

Half-sleeve reinforced surgical wrap-around gown with raglan sleeves and breathable reinforcement zones in the sleeves and chest area; extra wide overlap at the back; with the patent-pending Combitape® closing system to flexibly and securely adjust the neckline of the gown for an improved fit; for operations involving large amounts of fluids; with crepe-paper wrapping and paper towels; individually packed.

Foliodress® Gown Comfort Urology

Ultra-reinforced surgical open-back gown with breathable full-arm reinforced raglan sleeves especially for urological procedures; closed with ties at the back; with impermeable polyethylene foil reinforcement zone in the chest area; due to material fold in the front area increased freedom of movement in particular for operations performed while sitting; for operations involving huge amounts of fluids; available with crepe-paper wrapping and paper towels; individually packed.