Single-use scrub clothing

Single-use Scrub clothing: Jacket and Suit

Product Description

Foliodress® Jacket

The comfortable single-use jacket of warm non-woven.


Single-use jacket of warm non-woven, made of polypropylene with soft and elastic knit cuffs on the sleeves and two convenient pockets; high closing with small collar; five snaps on the front side, easy to open and to close; available in two sizes.


For single-use in the operating theatre and the ward.

Foliodress® Suit

The comfortable scrub clothing that is made from highly air-permeable non-woven.


Two-part single-use scrub clothing according to DIN EN 13795:2011+A1:2013, made of breathable non-woven fabric; with resistance to penetration by bacteria; abrasion-resistant and low linting; tunic with V-neck, short sleeves and two pockets; trousers featuring straight cut legs with ties at the waist; available in three colours : blue, green and pink. Foliodress Suit ®  is a class I medical device.


Single-use suit for persons working in the surgical area to protect the patients environment.