Remote Controlled Tables

Remote Controlled Tables

Product Description


D²RS : Digital Dynamic Remote System

3-in-1, 100% digital solution : fluoroscopy, radiography and direct exposures with only one system.

The latest dynamic remote controlled table integrates the whole expertise of STEPHANIX in terms of ease of use, design and efficiency.

-Autopositioning function regarding the APR chosen

-Real back access of 120 cm

-Image quality at the lower dose




-Robustness: patient weighing up to 310 kg.




Evidence DReam

Digital system with flat panel detector

The remote controlled table EVIDENCE DReam can be equipped with a dynamic/static and wired/wireless flat panel detector and with an image intensifier.

Thanks to its design, EVIDENCE Dream can easily proceed to radiographic and fluoroscopic procedures.

-Available in analog version

-Additional Flat panel detectors