X-ray Mobile units

X-ray Mobile units

Product Description

MOVIX Series DReam

Mobiles with battery powered generators : MOVIX 20 MOVIX 30 MOVIX 40, 50 MOVIX digitized sensor plane.

Their high power and rapid installation time enable them a perfect adaptation to the specific needs of intensive cares or pediatrics.

-Available in analog version




MOVIX 4/8 DReam

The Movix 4/8 DReam is a mobile X-ray unit that integrates a portable detector.

On flexibility, this portable computed radiography unit fits many Snapshots conditions from the hospital environment to emergency situations in the field.

-Available in analog  version




MOVIX E+ Series

Mobile units with capacitor assisted generators: MOVIX 16 E+, MOVIX 20 E+, MOVIX 30 E+

Their high power from 16 to 30 kW and their small size enable making x-rays at patient bedside; these mobile units are well adapted to the specific needs of ICUs and paediatrics.