07 Oct

MoliCare Mobile®

Incontinence pants

Product Description

The incontinence pants with the comfort of textiles


Incontinence pants with an antibacterial, pH skin neutral fluid distribution layer, an odour neutralizing superabsorbent core and wetness indicator; complete non-woven covering on the surface and water-repellent inner anti-leak cuffs; bodyshaped pad with elastic leg gathers; impermeable backside with a cloth-like outer cover; offer high wearing comfort “ideal-fit” due to an specially countoured shape; with maximum protection against rewetting; can be put on and off like normal underwear; dermatologically tested. Ideal for mobile to semi-mobile people.


Suitable for urinary and faecal incontinence, especially in mobile patients; their ease of use makes them particularly suitable for use in toilet training; thanks to their all-around security and perfect fit, they are also suitable for the care of restless or mentally disoriented persons.

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