The ointment dressing with the open-weave gauze.

Product Description

Non-medicated ointment dressings made from open-weave gauze, which is permeable to air and exudate; impregnated with a neutral ointment mass; the thick layer of ointment mass is not washed away even in cases of high exudation; can easily be cut to size; even effective during long-term use and they are neither sensitising nor allergising.
The ointment mass contains:
White vaseline, fatty acid diglycerol esters of carbonate and dicarbonate, synthetic wax.



For general wound treatment; especially to keep the wound surfaces and margins soft and supple, e.g. for extensive skin abrasion wounds or lacerations, as well as in the case of burns and scalds, for use in plastic and cosmetic surgery, in nail extractions, phimosiectomy etc.; for covering the donor site of skin transplants and for fixing split-skin grafts; also suitable in dermatology especially indicated in the treatment of patients with sensitive skin, or those sensitive to certain medication.