19 Aug


The fast absorbent Hydrocolloid dressing for moist wound treatment

Product Description

Hydrocoll is a self-adherent absorbent hydrocolloid dressing with semipermeable cover layer which is impermeable to liquids and bacteria.The hydrocolloids transform into a gel when in contact with wound exudate and form a moist environment which has a stimulating effect on granulation and epithelialization. Available in five different sizes for a need-based use.



For moist wound treatment of clinically non-infected, slightly to moderately exudating wounds, especially in wounds with poor healing tendency and long lasting formation of granulation, e.g. in leg ulcers or decubitus; 2nd degree burns; Hydrocoll sacral is used in the case of decubital ulcers in the sacral region, Hydrocoll concave is used on heels or elbows.

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