The foam dressing with the special hydrophilic foam structure.

Product Description

Foam dressing with polyurethane top layer permeable to water vapour; the strong capillary effect of the special hydrophilic pore structure enables a rapid transport of wound exudate and ensures a balanced moist wound environment; germs and cell debris are safely bound, even under compression; soft and smooth with good padding properties; available in different sizes and shapes.

PermaFoam Comfort: has around the edges a hypoallergenic adhesive film for a fixation which is safe and impermeable to germs.



For the treatment of clinically non-infected, highly to moderately exudating wounds in the wound cleansing stage and granulation stage; especially for chronic problematic wounds such as leg ulcers or decubitus; particularly suitable for the treatment of venous ulcers in combination with a compression treatment; for the treatment of burns up to degree 2a; for deeper wounds or difficult-to-treat problem zones the specific shapes are used.