TenderWet® active 24

The absorbent wound dressing pad with the absorbing and rinsing effect

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Product Description

Superabsorbent wound dressing pad, which creates in combination with Ringer ‘ s solution or TenderWet solution a moist wound environment for up to 24 hours – the plus-presentation for up to 3 days; removes necroses and coatings and in exchange, absorbs wound exudate and in this way accelerates wound cleansing; the hydrophobic covering prevents adhesion; it can be removed without wound irritation; the wound dressing pads are available in different presentations.


For interactive wet treatment, especially for wound cleansing and when support is required for wound conditioning, e.g. in poorly-healing wounds with high exudation, in clinically, manifest infected wounds or in chronic wounds of various geneses, such as diabetic gangrene, decubital ulcer or leg ulcers.